Aleph by Jorge Luis Borges

The Aleph by Jorge Luis Borges. Translated by Norman Thomas di Giovanni. 1971 first Bantam edition, 210 pages. Borges was an Argentinian writer considered a major influence on the magical realism movement. The NYT begins a retrospective article on Borges thusly: "An inscrutable point in space, which contains all other points simultaneously, inspires a poet, and revenge. Despairing curators wander in a labyrinthine library stocked with innumerable, unintelligible books. A mild-mannered reader dreams of gauchos, knife fights and death. These and all other manner of the mystical, enigmatic and paradoxical imbued the writing of Jorges Luis Borges,.." The Aleph covers stories from 1933-1969 and includes an autobiographical essay.

Condition: Good+, bent corner of cover

"The universe may change but not me, I thought with a certain sad vanity."

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