Beech Boat by Janina Koscialkowska

Beech Boat by Janina Koscialkowska. 1993 Readers International edition, 295 pages. Translated by Anna Marianska. Koscialkowska is a Polish writer who wrote in exile since the 1940s. According to Publishers Weekly: "Near the beginning of this fictional memoir of the Polish diaspora, we are told by the narrator, Janina, that ``there is nothing more pleasant, nothing more real than digressions.'' Indeed, digressions dominate this work: although based in London of 1945-46, the text frequently slides into brief vignettes from the war years."

Condition: VG, some foxing to jacket and endpapers

"The cemetery, like most similar places in Poland, lay in wooded verdure but never seemed to me to offer any kind of isolation."

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