Biography and A Lament by Charles Simic

Biography and A Lament by Charles Simic. 1976 Bartholomew's Cobble, second edition, signed. Simic was a Serbian American poet and co-editor of poetry for the Paris Review. He won the Pulitzer, MacArthur Genius Grant, and more. According to Poetry Foundation: "Simic’s work defies easy categorization. Some poems reflect a surreal, metaphysical bent and others offer grimly realistic portraits of violence and despair." Biography was his sixth collection and features poems written between 1961-1967.

Condition: VG. This second edition was printed in 200 copies, 26 which were signed and lettered A-Z. This book is signed but unlettered.

"Is Charles Simic afraid of death? 

Yes, Charles Simic is afraid of death.


Does he pray for eternal life?

No, he carves a heart pierced by an arrow."

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