Black Prince by Iris Murdoch

Black Prince by Iris Murdoch. 1974 Warner Paperback Library edition, 432 pages. Dame Iris Murdoch was a prolific novelist, essayist and philosopher, much regarded for her ideas on moral philosophy, influenced by Simone Weil and Plato. Her philosophical training was present in her fiction, often struggling with the question of good and evil, sometimes melodramatically so. The Black Prince was her fifteenth novel and was reviewed in the New York Times"But, all in all, fertile invention is put to the service of an expansive sense of character; and since “The Black Prince” also has Miss Murdoch's usual narrative energy and intellectual weight, it is the best novel she has written in years."

Condition: Good used copy.

"The wind carried no flowery smells, but rather laid a moist healthless humour upon the flesh which it then attempted to flay."

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