Blue Stairs by Barbara Guest

The Blue Stairs by Barbara Guest. 1968 Corinth Books, unstated printing, unnumbered, unsigned, 48 pages. Guest was part of the New York school of poets, which included Frank O'Hara and John Ashbery. Later she became associated with the language poets. Guest was also an acclaimed biographer of H.D. as well as an experimental novelist. The Blue Stairs was Guest's second collection, and according to LARB: "The book is in some ways a Baedeker of Guest’s obsessions, a touchstone volume for the work prior to it and the work that would follow. It exhibits a painterly passion for color and spatial composition, a predilection for sonic wordplay, for mixing the wild with the quotidian, the oneiric and the all-too-real in a way that brings the reader to the brink of unsettling emotions without defining them."

Condition: VG. Cover tanned.

"This is why I am here

not among the ibises. Why 

the permanent city parasol

covers even me."

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