Change of Light by Julio Cortazar

A Change of Light and Other Stories by Julio Cortazar. 1980 Knopf, first U.S. edition, 275 pages. Cortazar was an Argentinian writer of novels and stories. According to the New York Times: "Mr. Cortazar's works were marked by originality, subtle humor and often dealt with reincarnation. They asked incisive questions about identity and were considered difficult but placed him in contemporary literature's avant-garde." Change of Light includes eighteen stories.

Condition: VG, some scratches to shiny jacket

"With things going like that I can see that my final interview will be at the gates of hell and there's sure to be the same questions, and if by chance it's chez St. Peter it won't be any different: don't you think that you're writing over the heads of the people down there?"

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