Crazy Ladies by Joyce Elbert

The Crazy Ladies by Joyce Elbert. 1969 New American Library, first edition, 438 pages. Elbert, who died in 2009, had a slight resurgence recently with the release of a book of eight essays. In an article for the Star Tribune, Kathleen Rooney starts her review of A Tale of Five Cities : "A contemporary of Jacqueline Susann, credited by Cosmopolitan magazine with writing "the first really great dirty book," Joyce Elbert made a splash in 1969 with her novel "The Crazy Ladies," a slinky, metropolitan, woman-centric romp that sold more than 4 million copies worldwide."

Condition: Jacket VG with some wear, book VG with some bumps

"There was nothing she would not do in bed if it struck her as amusing at the moment."

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