Everything to Lose by Frances Partridge

Everything to Lose by Frances Partridge: Diaries 1945-1960, Volume 2. 1985 Little Brown, first U.S. edition, 383 pages. Partridge was a member of the legendary Bloomsbury love quartet and socialized with Virginia Woolf, E.M. Forster, and others. According to her obituary in the Guardian: ""Frances is coming" was a phrase that alerted everyone to an evening or weekend which would be pleasanter than it would have been without her, and more productive too, for she would turn gossip into discussion, and almost alone in Bloomsbury was innocent of malice. Besides that, her dark looks were a joy to gaze upon, and Bloomsbury was by no means indifferent to looks."

Condition: Jacket in good- condition with tears and browning, book in good condition

"A case! So that's what I have become."

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