Fate Keeps on Happening by Anita Loos

Fate Keeps on Happening: Adventures of Lorelei Lee and Other Writings by Anita Loos. 1984 Dodd, Mead, first edition, 293 pages. Loos was an actress, novelist, and screenwriter most known for her book Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. According to her NYT obituary: "She had a relentless desire to rebel, an honest love of flim-flam and a disarmingly pertinent comic vision of life. She was unashamed of working and just as unashamed of having fun." Fate Keeps Happening includes previously uncollected and unpublished writing.

Condition: Jacket in good- condition with chips and tears, book in good condition, bookstore sticker on back, owner sticker on end paper

"Well, Dorothy and I were spending a delightful winter at Palm Beach but we decided that society gets on a girl's nerves."

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