Female Friends by Fay Weldon

Female Friends by Fay Weldon. 1988 Academy Chicago Publishers edition, second printing (c/r 1973), 237 pages. Weldon was a prolific novelist and author, with an outsized personality that was hard to pin down, and willing to sell out her writing for any fee, and with such enthusiasm one couldn't fault her. She was never afraid to say anything. In her Guardian obituary: "It would be wrong to dismiss Weldon as a publicity-seeking controversialist. Though she could be infuriatingly contradictory, she saw the pain of the human condition out of the corner of mischievous eyes." Female Friends is about three middle age women struggling with the husbands, bodies, and each other.

Condition: VG

"Understand and forgive. It is what my mother taught me do, poor patient gentle Christian soul, and the discipline she herself practised, and the reason she died in poverty, alone and neglected."

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