Four Books by Renee Gladman

Four Books by Renee Gladman: Event Factory (2010 Dorothy Project, first edition), The Ravickians (2011 Dorothy Project, third printing), Ana Patova Crosses a Bridge (2013 Dorothy Project, second printing), Houses of Ravicka (2017 Dorothy Project, first edition). According to the Dorothy Project: "Since 2010 writer and artist Renee Gladman has placed fantastic and philosophical stories in the invented city-state of Ravicka, a Ruritanian everyplace with its own gestural language, poetic architecture, and inexplicable physics."

Condition: VG. Crease on The Ravickians cover, wear to Ana Patova

"My mission to locate and reconfigure spatial logistics for two houses that exist on the same parallel geoscog referential---even though physically they stand two districts apart---was becoming evermore mysterious."

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