Four Novels by Antonia White

Four Novels by Antonia White: Frost in May (1982 second Dial/Virago printing, c/r 1933), The Lost Traveller (1980 second Dial/Virago printing), The Sugar House (1981 First Dial/Virago printing), Beyond the Glass (1981 first Dial/Virago printing). Antonia White was a novelist and translator (she translated many works by Colette). Frost in May was the first book in the Virago Modern Classic series and is a semi-autobiographical account of White's childhood in a convent school. Fifteen years later she completed The Lost Traveller, which picks up where Frost left off. Sugar House and Beyond the Glass complete the "trilogy" and depicts her relationship with her mother, love affairs, descent and recovery from madness.

Condition: Good to VG used copies. Damp stains on two text blocks, creasing on covers, see pictures.

"Now that the trap had been sprung, she felt a perverse desire to remain in it."

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