Girl in the Photograph by Lygia Fagundes Telles

The Girl in the Photograph by Lygia Fagundes Telles. 1982 first Bard paperback (c/r 1973), 247 pages. Telles was a Brazilian activist, lawyer, and author of novels and short stories. According to the New York Times obituary: "One of the first Brazilian writers to address female sexuality from a woman’s perspective, Ms. Telles was also the rare writer whose work appealed to both intellectuals and the general public." Girl in the Photograph was her most famous novel and depicted government torture, yet escaped censorship because "But in a twist of fate, the censor apparently found the book so boring that he gave up reading before he got to that part."

Condition: VG, smudge on front cover and back cover

"I'm going to play a record in your honor, I offer music just like Abel offered the lamb, of course, a lamb is much more important, but Jesus knows I have a horror of blood, my offerings will be musical ones. Jimi Hendrix?"

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