Handyman by Penelope Mortimer

The Handyman by Penelope Mortimer. 1983 St. Martin's Press, first U.S. edition, 199 pages. The Guardian begins their obituary of Mortimer: "Penelope Mortimer, who has died of cancer aged 81, might not immediately be thought of as a feminist, but her nine novels all took up the cudgels on behalf of women - most notably The Pumpkin Eater. Published in l962, it was her fifth novel. With an exemplary spareness of prose, it tells the story of the emotional disintegration of a mother with numerous children, and of her husband's estrangement." Mortimer also wrote a controversial (at the time) biography of Queen Elizabeth. The Handyman was her last novel.

Condition: Jacket in good condition, creases on the back cover, book in VG condition.

"Phyllis wouldn't have called herself an imaginative woman but her love for her son made her ingenious."

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