The Heir by V. Sackville West

The Heir: A Love Story by V. Sackville West. 1949 Richard Press, third printing, 123 pages. Rebecca Dinerstein Knight in The Paris Review starts a wonderful biographical essay on Sackville-West thusly: "How preposterous is it that Vita Sackville-West, the best-selling bisexual baroness who wrote over thirty-five books that made an ingenious mockery of twenties societal norms, should be remembered today merely as a smoocher of Virginia Woolf? The reductive canonization of her affair with Woolf has elbowed out a more luxurious, strange story..." The Heir is a novella of inheritance and property.

Condition: Jacket in VG condition with some spotting on the back, book in VG condition with tanning on endpaper.

"'Very annoying, this delay about the coffin,' said Mr. Nutley."

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