How to Make Love to a Negro by Dany Laferriere

How to Make Love to a Negro by Dany Laferriere. 1987 Coach House Press, unstated printing, 117 pages. Laferriere was born in Haiti and moved to Canada in 1978 after a colleague was found murdered. This was his debut novel.

Condition: Good. Browning on cover, crease on cover.

"Hemingway should be read standing up. Basho walking, Proust in the bath, Cervantes in a hospital, Simenon in a train (Canadian Pacific, anyone?), Dante in paradise, Dosto in the underground, Miller in a smoky bar with hot dogs, fries and a Coke... I was reading Mishima with a cheap bottle of wine by the bed, totally exhausted, and a girl in the shower."

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