Joysprick by Anthony Burgess

Joysprick by Anthony Burgess. 1975 Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, first Harvest edition, 197 pages. Burgess was a British author, critic, and composer, best known for A Clockwork Orange, turned into the classic film by Stanley Kubrick. Burgess had this to say about critics in the Paris Review: "I get angry at the stupidity of critics who willfully refuse to see what my books are really about. I’m aware of malevolence, especially in England. A bad review by a man I admire hurts terribly." In this book Burgess turns his eye to James Joyce, in particular his language, analyzing "his cabalistic use of numbers, the visual quality of his constructions...and the varied sources of Joyce's style."

Condition: Good, some browning to front cover, tanned pages.

"One of the problems Joyce set himself in writing Ulysses was that of reconciling more than epic length with the strictures of dramatic form."

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