Kibogo by Scholastique Mukasonga

Kibogo by Scholastique Mukasonga. Translated by Mark Polizzotti. 2022 first Archipelago Books edition, 152 pages. Mukasonga is an award-winning Rwanadan author living in France. According to a review of Kibogo in the Guardian: "The undulating rhythms of oral storytelling are blended into what is, in fact, a carefully structured novel. All four parts overlap, retelling the same tale from different times and perspectives. Thus, Kibogo pays tribute to the power of the oral tradition, whose endurance derives from its elasticity and adaptability. ...To read Kibogo is to enter the enchantment of this delightful and provocative miniature masterpiece."

Condition: VG, price sticker on back cover

"Kamanzi, our sub-chief, came to take away our children."

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