Luce Iragay

Speculum of the Other Woman 1985 Cornell University Press, fourth printing, 365 pages. Translated by Gillian C. Gill. Good+ condition, soiling on text block

This Sex which Is Not One 1985 Cornell University Press, sixth printing, 223 pages. Translated by Catherine Porter. VG, pencil writing on first page, marginalia throughout

An Ethics of Sexual Difference 1993 Cornell University Press, first printing, 217 pages. Translated by Carolyn Burke and Gillian C. GIll. VG

Irigaray is a feminist French philosopher and linguist. Speculum explores how the feminine is missing from classical works and analyses and criticized Freudian analysis. It lead to Irigaray's firing. Speculum and Irigaray's other works are considered major works of feminist scholarship and were an influence in Elena Ferrante's fiction. 

"Yet if this is the garden man cultivates, where is the soil?"

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