Mary Olivier: A Life by May Sinclair

Mary Olivier: A Life by May Sinclair. 1982 Dial/Virago Modern Classic edition (c/r 1919), 380 pages. Sinclair was a novelist, philosopher, critic, and suffragist and friend of Henry James, Anotnia White, Ford Madox Ford, and others. Sinclair is also credited with being the first to use the phrase "stream of consciousness" in referring to literature (in a review for The Novels of Dorothy Richardson). Mary Olivier was her thirteenth novel. According to New York Review of Books: "Originally published alongside Ulysses in the pages of the legendary Little ReviewMary Olivier: A Life is an intimate, lacerating account of the ties between daughter and mother, a book of transfixing images and troubling moral intelligence that confronts the exigencies and ambiguities of freedom and responsibility with empathy and power." 

Condition: VG. Back cover corner bent, small chip on back cover.

"By the gate of the field her sudden, secret happiness came to her."

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