Nights at the Circus by Angela Carter

Nights at the Circus by Angela Carter. 1985 Viking, first U.S. edition, 295 pages. Carter was a British author whose fiction had a touch of magic. Salmon Rushdie wrote in her New York Times obituary: " repeat: Angela Carter was a great writer. I repeat this because in spite of her worldwide reputation, here in Britain she somehow never quite had her due. Of course, many writers knew that she was that rare thing, a real one-off, nothing like her on the planet; and so did many bewitched, inspired readers. But for some reason she was not placed where she belonged -- at the center of the literature of her time, at the heart. [...] With Angela Carter's death English literature has lost its high sorceress, its benevolent witch-queen, a burlesque artist of genius and antic grace." Carter garnered acclaim and an award with her penultimate novel, which has only grown in popularity.

Condition: Jacket VG, some wear, book near fine, includes book review slip

""Put it another way: would you believe a lady with four arms, all perfect, like a Hindu goddess, hinged on either side of those shoulders of a voluptuous stevedore?"

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