Not So Quiet by Helen Zenna Smith

Not So Quiet by Helen Zenna Smith. 1989 Feminist Press edition (c/r 1930), 300 pages. Helen Zenna Smith was the pseudonym of Evadne Price, an Australian-British actress and astrologer who also wrote articles, screenplays and reportage. According to Lucy Scholes in the Paris Review, "Hoping to cash in on some of Remarque’s success, the following year Albert E. Marriott, an enterprising London-based publisher who was new on the scene, approached the children’s writer and journalist Evadne Price and asked whether she’d be willing to write a spoof response about women at war. He had in mind a title—“All Quaint on the Western Front”—and a pen name for her, Erica Remarks." She goes on "Not So Quiet … Stepdaughters of War (1930) is a shockingly visceral and realistic documentation of the cost of the conflict written as the firsthand account of a woman ambulance driver."

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"We have just wakened from our first decent sleep for weeks---eight glorious dreamless hours of utter exhaustion.'

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