Open Shutters by Mary Jo Salter

Open Shutters by Mary Jo Salter. 2003 Knopf, first edition, 79 pages. Salter is a poet, editor, and teacher and was an important figure in the New Formalist movement. In a review of Open Shutters at the New York Times; "And so it is with Salter's own poetry: how can a poetry of total formal composure contain Chernobyl, Hiroshima and now 9/11 without seeming maudlin or small? ''Open Shutters'' extends the question further, challenging us with the discovery that something lucid, forthright and fantastically undisheveled might also be sublime."

Condition: VG. Bookstore sticker residue on back jacket

"All over Genoa

you see them; windows with open shutters.

Then the illusion shatters."

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