Our Ground Time Here Will Be Brief by Maxine Kumin

Our Ground Time Here Will Be Brief: New and Selected Poems by Maxine Kumin. 1982 Penguin, reprint, 224 pages. Inscribed by the author. Kumin was a Pulitzer winning poet who also write novels and children's books, including one with her dear friend poet Anne Sexton. According to her NYT obituary: "Ms. Kumin’s style defied tidy categorization. Though her poems and essays centered on the New England countryside, she trafficked in none of the sentimental effusions of traditional pastoral poets.[...] If there was a thematic constant in Ms. Kumin’s work, it was the fragile yet reassuringly durable balance in which connection, rupture and continuity find themselves arranged. All poems are elegies at their core, she often said." Our Ground included twenty-nine new and previously published poems.

Condition: Reading copy. Inscribed by the author.

"It's ten below.

The house dozes.

The attic stingers cough.

Time that blows on the kettle's rim

waits to carry us off."

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