Pastor’s Wife by Elizabeth von Arnim

The Pastor’s Wife by Elizabeth von Arnim. 1987 Virago edition (c/r 1914), 489 pages. According to Women: A Cultural Review: "[The Pastor's Wife] demonstrates, with comedy and bitterness, themes of alienation and exile; satirizes German codes and class; and provides a lyrical Romantic vision of the natural world.... The novel can also stand alone as an underrated classic that plays an important part in the history of English literature. Published at the beginning of high modernism, it shows, unlike the work of some canonized writers of the time, a fusion of realism and modernism." Cousin of Katherine Mansfield, von Arnmin was a literary success in her time, writing more than twenty books.

Condition: Good reading copy. Cover worn, bookstore sticker on the back cover, bookstore stamp on first page.

"On that April afternoon all the wallflowers of the world seemed to her released body to have been piled up at the top of Regent Street so that she should walk in fragrance."

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