Revolution for the Hell of It by Free (Abbie Hoffman)

Revolution for the Hell of It by Free (Abbie Hoffman). 1968 Dial Press, eight printing, 231 pages. Abbie Hoffman was an activist and humorist and key provocateur of the youth movement in the sixties. Upon his death the Rolling Stone commemorated: "Abbie Hoffman was a professional thorn, and there was none sharper. Like many of his compatriots, he saw that the world was an unfair place run by repressive hypocrites, but he was almost alone in using humor to point this out – a recent photo showed Hoffman in a T-shirt that said, My Country Invaded Nicaragua… & all I Got was This Lousy T Shirt – and in maintaining his ideals throughout the counterrevolutionary Reagan era. A few weeks before his death, Hoffman was still protesting – in a downpour – in behalf of Satanic Verses author Salman Rushdie." Revolution for the Hell of It led to a prison term in the Chicago Conspiracy trial.

Condition: Good. Shelf wear, crease on cover, includes sticker about the conspiracy trial

"Once one has experienced LSD, existential revolution, fought the intellectual game-playing of the individual in society, of one's identity, one realizes that action is the only reality; not only reality but morality as well."

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