Sea Birds Are Still Alive by Toni Cade Bambara

Sea Birds Are Still Alive by Toni Cade Bambara. 1982 Vintage Books edition (c/r 1977), 208 pages. Bambara was a contemporary of Toni Morrison and Alice Walker, ushering in black women's literature in the seventies. She died too young of cancer, but left behind an impressive oeuvre of  story collections, a novel, and documentary film. According to her NYT obituary: "What critics found most striking about Ms. Bambara's fiction, though, were the structure and language she used. Rather than using traditional linear plots, she would often use flashbacks, stream of consciousness and interweavings of plot and subplot to tell a story. She would frequently weave black dialects into her prose, creating a unique, complex language that was widely admired by critics." Sea Birds is a collection of ten stories and was her third work of fiction.

Condition: Good reading copy. Water stain along the bottom through-out

"I could tell the minute I got in the door and dropped my bag, I wasn't staying."

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