Tibetan Book of the Dead plus Two More

Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines, The Tibetan book of the Dead, The Tibetan Book of Great Liberation, . Selling as a set, from the estate of Joan Konner.

Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines or Seven Books of Wisdom of the Great Path, according to the late Lama Kazi Dawa-Samdup's English Rendering, arranged and edited by W.Y. Evans-Wentz. 1955 Oxford University Press, second impression (1958), 389 pages. Includes plates  poses and symbols, foreword by Chen Chi-Chang, and explores doctrines, visualizations, and much else.

The Tibetan Book of the Dead or The After-Death Experiences on the Bardo Plane, according to Lama Kazi Dawa-Samdup's English Rendering by W. Y. Evans-Wentz. 1957 Oxford University Press, third edition, 249 pages. A study of the ancient art of dying, this edition includes commentary by Jung.

The Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation or The Method of Realizing Nirvana Through Knowing the Mind, preceded by an Epitome of Padma-Sambhava's Biography and Followed by Guru Phadampa Sangay's Teachings, edited by W. Y. Evans-Wentz. 1954 Oxford University Press, first edition. There is no copyright page on the back of the title page, instead a remembrance. . Explores astrology, yoga, good and evil, nirvana, and more.

Condition. All jackets in good condition, all books in very good condition. Jackets have chips and fading, one inch tear on back jacket for Dead, tear and crumpling for Liberation, red mark on front of Yoga. Two books have small bookseller sticker on paste-down, one on front flap. All boards bright and pages clean. 

All books have penciled notes, markings, and drawings by original owner in the endpapers, Joan Konner. These came from the estate of Joan Konner. Konner was the first woman dean of Columbia School of  Journalism in 1988. She produced more than 50 documentaries and series for PBS, including for Bill Moyers. Her work won 16 Emmys, a Peabody Award and an Alfred I. du Pont Award.


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