Passion of New Eve by Angela Carter

The Passion of New Eve by Angela Carter. 1982 Virago Press edition (c/r 1977), 187 pages. Carter was a British author whose fiction had a touch of magic. Salmon Rushdie wrote in her New York Times obituary: " repeat: Angela Carter was a great writer. I repeat this because in spite of her worldwide reputation, here in Britain she somehow never quite had her due. Of course, many writers knew that she was that rare thing, a real one-off, nothing like her on the planet; and so did many bewitched, inspired readers. But for some reason she was not placed where she belonged -- at the center of the literature of her time, at the heart. [...] With Angela Carter's death English literature has lost its high sorceress, its benevolent witch-queen, a burlesque artist of genius and antic grace." The Passion takes place in a dystopian U.S. at war with itself.

Condition: Good. Bookstore sticker on the back cover, owner stamp on the title page

"And yet it seemed that nobody knew how to express panic, in spite of an overwhelming sense of catastrophe; the victims seemed estranged even from their own fear."

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