Jean Rhys: The Complete Novels

Jean Rhys: The Complete Novels. 1985 Quality Paperbacks, 574 pages. In a send-up by Al ALvarez in the New York Review, "Jean Rhys was seventy-six years old before she had a literary success. Her first five books—a collection of short stories and four novels, published between 1927 and 1939—had been praised sporadically for their style, disliked generally for their sordid subject matter, and sold hardly at all.... Obscure she certainly was until the last few years of her very long life... but happy and peaceful never, and her belated success was no compensation for the unspeakable mess she made of the business of living." She gained fame for Wide Sargasso Sea, told from the point of view of the madwoman in Mr. Rochester's attic in Jane Eyre. That novel, along with Voyage in the Dark, Quartet, After Leaving Mr Mackenzie, and Good Morning, Midnight, are included here.

Condition: VG, some creasing on the cover

"Nowadays something had happened to her, she was tired. She hardly ever thought of men, or of love."

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