Romola by George Eliot

Romola by George Eliot. 1931 Dutton Everyman's Library, 567 pages. Handsome edition of this title by one of the greatest English-speaking novelists of all time. Romola is a historical novel set in fifteenth-century Florence. According to the George Eliot Fellowship website: "Romola is the least read of George Eliot's novels, yet in her lifetime it had great critical acclaim, from Henry James for instance.  It had little public success however, and, like readers of earlier generations, we moderns find it difficult to get into, requiring a great deal of patience...In Eliot's oeuvre as a whole, Romola occupies an important position in her transition from the 'Warwickshire novel', full of local colour and idiom, to the great novels of her maturity, Middlemarch and Daniel Deronda.  A holiday in Florence and an encounter with the character of Girolamo Savonarola, the fifteenth century reformer, led her to undertake this 'historical romance', set in the past, in a foreign country, and demanding a translated language." 

Condition: Jacket in acceptable condition, top tear, book in VG condition.

"For the Unseen Powers were mighty."

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