Midnight Salvage by Adrienne Rich

Midnight Salvage by Adrienne Rich. 1999 Norton, first edition, 75 pages. According to Rich's obituary in the New York Times: "Adrienne Rich, a poet of towering reputation and towering rage, whose work — distinguished by an unswerving progressive vision and a dazzling, empathic ferocity — brought the oppression of women and lesbians to the forefront of poetic discourse and kept it there for nearly a half-century...While some critics called her poetry polemical, she remained celebrated for the unflagging intensity of her vision, and for the constant formal reinvention that kept her verse — often jagged and colloquial, sometimes purposefully shocking, always controlled in tone, diction and pacing — sounding like that of few other poets." Midnight was a finalist for Pulitzer.

Condition: VG

"Look: with all my fear I'm here with you, trying what it 

   means, to stand fast; what it means to move"


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