Masks by Fumiko Enchi

Masks by Fumiko Enchi. Translated by Juliet Winters Carpenter. 1983 Aventura edition, 141 pages. Fumiko Enchi was the pen-name of Fumi Ueda, a Japanese author and playwright. According to the Japan Times: "In the midst of Showa Era (1926-89) Japan, with patriarchy dominating and imperialism rising, a young female playwright, Fumiko Enchi (1905-86), started a literary career that would eventually lead her to become a passionate advocate for female empowerment, while casting a critical, penetrating eye over her own sex." Masks was the first novel of hers translated into English and is about a mother-in-law's jealousy and manipulations surrounding her son's widow.

Condition: Good. Cover tanned.

"Yasuko was at all times charming, sparkling with intelligence as well as beauty, yet to Ibuki it was clear that her vitality depended absolutely on the serene composure of Mieko's silent, seated figure."

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