Palimpsest by H.D.

Palimpsest by H.D. 1968 Southern Illinois Press, first printing. Hilda Doolittle was a poet and friend of Ezra Pounds, who became her editor. According to the New Yorker: "H.D.’s tense, chiselled verse led critics to describe her, repeatedly, as “the perfect Imagist.” Her lyrics extracted sensory abundance from minimalism...She developed a reputation as “crystalline,” not just for her poetry but for her physical presence: chaste, ethereal, as lovely and cold as a classical sculpture. Always, she found people who considered her perfect. She attracted devotees, usually younger men who breathlessly affirmed that in her presence they had discovered a Greek goddess incarnate[.]" According to the jacket copy, Palimpsest first appeared in Paris in 1926 and Houghton Mifflin acquired unbound sheets. This edition is based on those sheets plus corrections H.D. made on her copies.

Condition: VG, inscription on end paper.

"He seemed inconsequently to himself, to be penned in some pig-style of illusion."

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