American Ghosts & Old World Wonders by Angela Carter

American Ghosts & Old World Wonders by Angela Carter. 1993 Chatto & Windus, first edition, 146 pages. Carter was a British author whose fiction had a touch of magic. Salmon Rushdie wrote in her New York Times obituary: " repeat: Angela Carter was a great writer. I repeat this because in spite of her worldwide reputation, here in Britain she somehow never quite had her due. Of course, many writers knew that she was that rare thing, a real one-off, nothing like her on the planet; and so did many bewitched, inspired readers. But for some reason she was not placed where she belonged -- at the center of the literature of her time, at the heart. [...] With Angela Carter's death English literature has lost its high sorceress, its benevolent witch-queen, a burlesque artist of genius and antic grace." American Ghosts was her last collection of short fiction.

Condition: VG

"She died of the pressure of that vast sky, that weighed down upon her and crushed her lungs until she could not breathe any more, as if the prairies were the bedrock of an ocean in which she drowned."

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