Horsey Set by Pamela Moore

The Horsey Set by Pamela Moore. 1963 first Dell printing, 256 pages. According to LitHub "The New York Times called the 18-year-old novelist Pamela Moore an 'American Sagan' upon the publication of her first novel, Chocolates for Breakfast, in 1956. But when Moore died by suicide in 1964, just a few years later, The New York Times reported the news in a 100-word crime story and did not publish an obituary for the writer. By the end of the decade, her entire body of work was hard to find in print." Like Sagan, Moore explored teenager's sexual awakenings with frankness. The Horsey Set was her last novel.

Condition: VG

"I just crouched dizzy and stupid as if it were someone else whose mother was getting divorced."

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