Weight of Things by Marianne Fritz

Weight of Things by Marianne Fritz. Translated by Adrian Nathan West. 2015 Dorothy Project, third printing (c/r 1978), 139 pages. Austrian writer Marianne Fritz became a cult figure when her 10,000 page project "The Fortress" was published, however it has never been translated because it is considered untranslatable. As her Weight of Things translator notes in the Paris Review: "Yet Fritz’s experimentation is neither idle nor random, and the rewards it harbors for patient readers are perhaps unique in world literature. In The Weight of Things, the sparseness of Fritz’s language reflects the oppressiveness of the commonplace in the modest lives of a family torn between obedience and rebellion." The Weight of Things won the Robert Walser Prize in 1978.

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"No, Berta shoed not the least consideration for that weary soldier. In the end, Wilhelmine even had to do Berta's grieving for her."

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