Time of Angels by Iris Murdoch

The Time of Angels by Iris Murdoch. 1966 Viking Press, unstated printing, 245 pages. Murdoch was a British philosopher and novelist and subject of a 2001 film starring Judi Dench. Her work dealt with moral themes and often employed a dark comedy. Time of Angels was her tenth novel and was reviewed in the Times: "But though Iris Murdoch's novels have become predicable, they have not become less obscure. It is easy enough to say what "The Time of the Angels" is "about." It is about the difference between secular morality and the religious sense, between conventional enlightened disbelief and the agonizing awareness that God is dead. But this is to state it in general terms. In the specific terms of the novel itself, the obscurity remains, baffles and, indeed, seems willful, as though the author were withholding essential evidence."

Condition: Jacket in good condition with chips, front flap clipped, book in VG condition.

"Like so many of those whose only troubles are the troubles of others, she carried her girlish looks well on into middle age, though her neat straight hair was now a sleek silver."

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