Needle’s Eye by Margaret Drabble

The Needle’s Eye by Margaret Drabble. 1972 Knopf, first U.S. edition, 369 pages. Drabble found early notoriety in the sixties with writing about young unmarried women dealing with pregnancy and affairs. Joyce Carol Oates glowingly reviewed Needle's Eye for the New York Times: "And this, I think, is what distinguishes Margaret Drabble from many contemporary writers, both English and American. Like Doris Lessing, that genius of the forcefully "creating" work of fiction, Miss Drabble presents characters who are not passively witnessing their lives (and ours); she is not a writer who reflects the helplessness of the stereotyped "sick society," but one who has taken upon herself the task, largely ignored today, of attempting the active, vital, energetic, mysterious re- creation of a set of values by which human beings can live."

Condition: Jacket in good condition with chips and ear, book in VG condition, edges of boards tanned

"He stood there and waited. He was good at that."

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